Friday, September 30, 2011

Mobile Money powered by Nokia

Mobile money is an exciting and innovative mobile payment service in India offered by different banks in India( now offered by Union bank & Yes bank) in partnership with Nokia. All resident Indians, aged 18 and above, are eligible for Mobile money services.

The money deposited by the customer is maintained with in banks as per applicable RBI Guidelines.
The Mobile Money service will enable you to pay bills, top up, buy goods and services and send and receive money anywhere in India.
Mobile Money Services will work on any S30 and S40/S60 handsets. This service is network independent, that is this service will work on all mobile operators in India ( Idea, vodafone, Airtel etc.)

And another factor that this service can be utilized using SMS or GPRS. So you can use this service even if you have an active GPRS connection.

Similar to ATM service, your account is protected by a personal PIN. So even if your mobile is lost, your money is safe. And also if your mobile is lost you can inform authorities & block your account.

This service also offers IVR ( Interactive Voice Response, prerecorded sounds you hear while calling mobile customercare) facility for balance enquiry, change PIN etc.

This service is now free of cost (no monthly, yearly charges), except the cost to network operators ( for data usage, sms, voice call etc..).

  • Convenience: No need to go to physical locations for sending money or for paying bills. Saves a lot of travel time & effort
  • Money management: Keeps track of balance, expenses and payments. Knowing instantly what your balance is and what have you paid for and to whom
  • Immediate: Allows instant money transfer in time-critical situations
  • Secure: No need to store or carry cash, reducing the risk of theft/loss
  • Simple: As simple as making a call or sending an SMS from your mobile

Contact toll free number:
1800 3000 1122 ( YES BANK)
1800 3000 1122 ( UNION BANK OF INDIA)

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